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The Multivendor BIM Marketplace for View-Specific Data

In the World of Architecture & Interior Design, it seems there is an overwhelming number of building products. In contrast, is a lack of readily available Revit Materials. Build your Revit material library using our on-demand custom materials service. First of all, Revit Materials help aid in the design and visualization process. Furthermore, developing accurate Revit Custom Materials seems a sure-fire way to set your projects apart from the competition. So give your clients a better understanding of your design with Revit Custom Materials.

Call on us the next time you need help with Revit Custom Materials and certainly don’t limit your design to what is available online.

Whether you’re designing a bathroom or the lobby of a skyscraper the way you present and document your design can help you make good design decisions.

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How do I order Revit Custom Materials with different products, colors, or patterns?

Step 1: Click on our Contact page and describe the Revit Custom Material in Your Message section. Type “New Material” under Subject.

Step 2: Upload a zipped file of a dimensioned sketch with manufacturer finish codes using the Choose File button. Repeat the first two steps for multiple Revit Materials.

Step 3: Once we review your order, you will receive a confirmation email with a quote usually within one business day. Each Revit Custom Material includes images and fill-patterns. Materials cost $39.16 on average

Step 4: We develop your Revit Custom Material for preview at no cost. You receive a link for review and approval.

Step 5: After approval, you receive a link for payment and download of new Revit Custom Material. Revit Materials are delivered via RVTs.

What if I don’t receive a confirmation email?

Maybe check your spam folder. It’s possible your order confirmation wound up there. Keep in mind, it can take us a few hours to confirm we received your order. Business days are defined as weekdays. Weekends and federal holidays are not business days.