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Scalable Break Lines


Embellishing Revit models with quality 2D detail components is an essential step in creating good drawings. Detail components are just as parametric and powerful as their 3D counterpart. Like 3D system and component families, 2D elements can be highly flexible and useful. We are currently working with the AEC industry to develop Detail Components and Drafting Views for a wide array of companies and organizations.

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Scalable Break Lines are easy to use line-based detail items for sketching and flipping break lines. The video above shows you how to sketch and flip a few of the family types offered. The video uses a gray background for contrast so one can see the structure of the family. Firstly, sketch the type that correlates to your view scale. Then, click on the flip arrows to adjust zig-zag-zig in the middle. Or use the space bar to automatically cycle thru both double vertical and double horizontal control types

Like all detail items, it can be used in both model views and drafting views. Included in your purchase is a single family that flexes into (15) family types, one for each standard architectural scale.

It requires no setup, apps, or special parameters. So just open the family and load it into your project. In fact, you will never fuss with needlessly over complicated break lines again! Sketch Scalable Revit Break Lines into your next project for consistent annotation.

So, what in the world is a scalable break line anyway?

Scalable Revit Break Lines are made up of a straight line with a zig-zag-zig in the middle. They help remove or break out part of a drawing for clarity. Also, to shorten objects which have the same shape throughout their length and may be too long to place on the drawing.

Our Scalable Revit Break Line Family will help you produce consistent annotation across construction documents, nothing more, nothing less. A Break Line is primarily used to compress large scale drawings in order to save space on construction documents.

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