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With over 1,000 Revit Model Patterns, BIMsquare provides you with the single largest on-line source of masonry and tile patterns. Our vast selection provides you a true 1 STOP shop for all your masonry and tile patterns needs, whether it is residential or commercial, indoor or outdoor.

Finding the right pattern on our site is made easy through our easy-to-use search bar, which allows you to enter any pattern.

If you are unable to find the right pattern or material to meet your needs, simply fill out the contact form and someone will respond within 48 hours.

Purchases can be downloaded an unlimited number of times and your account never expires!


With Revit Three Piece Tile and Paver Patterns, you will find 30 model fill patterns in seven industry-standard formats for a total of 210 patterns. Other offerings include Two Piece Patterns and Multi Piece Patterns.

As important as the type of tile or paver you select is, you are only halfway to making sure your spaces and rooms look great. Indeed, the other half of the job, and just as important, is determining how you want your tile and paver to be laid out.  In addition, each model fill pattern comes in seven industry-standard formats based on one-inch increments.

Revit Two Piece Tile and Paver Patterns Sizes and Modules

Certainly, tile size has a bigger effect on spaces than you might think. For example, small tiles, with their many grout lines, often make spaces feel intimate. In contrast, larger tiles can give those same spaces a more spacious feel. Mix and match fill patterns and sizes to advance spaces, adding flow and visual complexity. In summary, using these fill patterns helps design better spaces.

Also, all patterns included in this download are Revit model patterns. Thus, they scale with the model making them great for laying out floors and walks. Use the rotate and align tools to manipulate patterns and dimensions to measure lengths between pattern lines and other model elements.

In addition, Revit Three Piece Tile and Paver Patterns come in seven industry-standard formats based on one-inch increments.

Instructions for transferring Patterns to your target project.

1. To start, open both your design model and the project file contained in this download.

2. Next, in your design model, click the Manage tab on the ribbon then go to the Settings Panel and Select Transfer Project Standards

4. Use the “Copy from” pulldown and select the file contained in this download.

5. Check the “Fill Patterns” box, leaving all other boxes unchecked.

6. Finally, select OK to transfer all the model fill patterns contained in the download.

Revit Brick Masonry Patterns

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