Revit Brick Patterns Collection


210 Model Patterns in Imperial and Metric Sizes



So, here you will find the ultimate collection of highly accurate Revit Brick Patterns in both US modular and Metric sizes. Indeed, Revit Brick Patterns come in most combinations of bonding patterns, each based on brick size and joint size. There are ten bond patterns offered. As can be seen, they are Common, English Cross, Flemish, Forth Running, Monk, Running, Stack, Stretcher/Flemish, Sussex, and Third Running.

To begin with, each brick pattern is based on industry-standard brick sizes and bond patterns. All patterns are accurate to less than 0.00001″. Want Proof? As an illustration, we have dimensioned the openings in a 20 story building with Length Settings Rounding to the nearest 1/256″.

Revit Brick Patterns Collection

All Revit Brick Patterns are Model Patterns. Thus, they scale with the model. Once patterns are applied to your materials, you can adjust Revit Brick Patterns by dragging or by using the Move tool. In addition, use the Align and Rotate tool for accurate coursing. Furthermore, they are great for creating dimensions that reference masonry openings.

Next, are bonding options for Revit Brick Patterns Collection.

The US modular sizes use the imperial system of measurement and account for a ⅜” joint and the British standard sizes use the metric system of measurement and account for a 10mm joint. All fill patterns are made up of single lines, so they read accurately regardless of view scale.

Coursing for US Modules with ⅜” Joints

The twelve US modular brick sizes are Closure, Economy, Engineer, Jumbo, King, Modular, Modular Engineer, Norman, Norwegian, Queen, Standard & Utility.

US Modules Masonry

Below is the dimension guide for selecting US Modular face bricks. Dimensions are nominal with a standard 3/8″ mortar joint. Even so, manufacturer-naming conventions differ slightly. Thus, users should always thoroughly research building products for construction documentation.

US Modules Brick Patterns for Revit

Metric (British) sizes included!

Metric Masonry

Revit Brick Patterns Collection Sizes in millimeters

  1. 190 x 90 x 50
  2. 190 x 90 x 90
  3. 215 x 102.5 x 50
  4. 215 x 102.5 x 53
  5. 215 x 102.5 x 65
  6. 215 x 102.5 x 80
  7. 233 x 111.5 x 73
  8. 233 x 111.5 x 80
  9. 290 x 90 x 65

Instructions for transferring Revit Brick Patterns Collection to your target project.

  1. In the target project, click the Manage tab Settings panel (Transfer Project Standards).
  2. From the Select Items to Copy box, select the source project for Copy from.
  3. Then select the Object Styles and Project Parameters
  4. Finally, click OK.

Custom matching Revit Brick Patterns Collection Textures are available upon request. Depending on the complexity of the desired material, pricing may vary.

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