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Revit Schedules & Tags are incredible! From organizing hundreds of sheets on a single project to making broad scale changes in seconds, they are an inextricable part of BIM processes and workflows.

BIMsquare offers several Revit Schedules that improve workflow. Like Drafting Views, Schedules can be copied to your clipboard and pasted to any project! Using our Schedules and Tags are an excellent way of familiarizing yourself with how to harness the true power of BIM.

Purchases can be downloaded an unlimited number of times and your account never expires!


Revit Architectural Abbreviations includes 363 abbreviations. Above all, they include the most widely used abbreviations in the AEC industry. This download incorporates abbreviations common to the vocabulary of people who work with architectural drawings in the construction of buildings.

When it comes to architectural drawings, sheet space is an asset.

This means architects and engineers need to exploit that space the best way they can. Coupled with keynotes and other types of annotation, abbreviations can save not only sheet space, but time. As they say in business, “time is money.” So, if there’s a short form for a word or expression, why not use it? In brief, you can now add and manage architectural abbreviations to your next big project.

Why not keep on using text?

Because using large blocks of text is cumbersome and frustrating. For this reason, key schedules offer a great solution to this problem. Each abbreviation is sorted using a parameter as shown in the image below. In short, this also gives you the benefit of being able to resize and split into separate columns with a few mouse clicks.

Use Revit Architectural Abbreviations to learn architecture lingo.

Altogether, our key-schedule is the perfect starting point for learning many of the default abbreviations used in the AEC industry. Today, lots of construction communication is done on-the-move via emails, texting, or messaging, using small devices where typing is often a challenge. By using abbreviations, you type less, save yourself many keystrokes, and make fewer typos.

Adding Revit Architectural Abbreviations to your next project.

Adding them to your Project is as simple as using Copy to Clipboard then Pasting them into your Project. The Copy to Clipboard tool copies it to your clipboard. Use the Paste from Clipboard or Paste Aligned tools to paste Revit Architectural Abbreviations Key Schedule in the drawing or in another project.

You may visit other websites to compare standards abbreviations.

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