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Embellishing Revit models with quality 2D Detail Components & Drafting Views is an essential step in creating good drawings. Detail Components are just as parametric and powerful as their 3D counterpart. Like 3D System and Component families, 2D elements can be highly flexible and useful. We are currently working with the AEC industry to develop Detail Components and Drafting Views for a wide array of companies and organizations.

Purchases can be downloaded an unlimited number of times and your account never expires!


Here you will find Revit Drafting Views of the 2010 ADA CAD figures and symbols. The Views Types organize so that they correlate to their appropriate ANSI section and detail number, As a result, Revit ADA Figure Drafting Views make it incredibly easy to add the 2010 ADA figures and symbols to your project.

We are currently working with the AEC industry to develop Revit Drafting Views for a wide array of safety and environmental regulations. You can visit our Detail Components page to check for updates or stay informed by signing up for our monthly newsletter.

Drafting Views were created from The ADA CAD figures files which are available for download from the National Institute of Building Sciences. Each CAD file was carefully converted to be 100% Revit! Type Names for filled regions & text all begin with an ‘ADA’ prefix so that one can easily find them in the Revit project browser.

Instructions for Revit ADA Figure Drafting Views

There are two methods to get ADA Drafting Views into your RVT.

First is the Copy to Clipboard method

Drafting Views can be copied and pasted from one Revit project to another Revit project.  Thus adding them to your RVT is as simple as using Copy to Clipboard then pasting them into your Project. Note: You can not be in an open Schedule View when pasting. Tip: You can select multiple views by holding down the Ctrl or Shift key.

Secondly, is the Insert Views from File method.

You can also insert them into your project without even opening ADA Drafting Views.rvt.

Open your target Revit project and go to Import>Insert from File>Insert Views from File. Select desired ADA Drafting Views & click OK. Revit adds the selected drafting views to your project retaining all the properties of the original view.