Converting Complex Tilings to Revit Fill Patterns

Start by downloading mathematician Jaap Scherphuis’s Tiling Viewer Applet. This amazing little application (applet) has 1180 tilings with control sliders for tweaking angles.  In this lesson, we are using the tiling found in the following directory: Pentagon Tilings (597)>15 convex pentagon tile types (15)>N5-15:Mann, McLoud-Mann, Von Derau, 2015. Step 1 Create a drafting view, replicating…Read More

Revit Lighting Fixture Type Catalogs

Placing light families with accurate photometric values along with manufacturer-specific IES files, allows Revit to calculate average estimated illumination without the use of third party software. This post shows how to develop comprehensive Revit Lighting Fixture Type Catalogs for manufacturer-specific fixtures. Various photometric definitions are explained and how Revit uses these definitions to accurately calculate…Read More