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BIMSquare: BIM Consultancy And Implementation

BIMsquare Offers Time Saving BIM Tactics and Content to The AEC Industry in North America. Here employers can hire from a select list of BIM/VDC consultants in North America. Simply put, “We are a wide range of highly talented BIM & VDC professionals at your service”. Unlike freelancer websites, there are no terms, fees, or policies. Using this site is the most direct and simple way to build then leverage your production workforce.

Why are BIM/VDC users in such high demand?

There are just not enough skilled BIM/VDC users. Skilled users are so sought after that supply and demand simply don’t match up. Employers want experienced users, but there are not enough skilled users available. Companies may need advanced BIM/VDC users for specific jobs, but can’t find local talent. These are positions that AEC firms can’t do without.

Hiring practices for architects, engineers, and contractors are changing quickly. Enlisting remote BIM/VDC consultants on an as-needed basis is a way for AEC businesses to overcome many of these challenges. It helps them grow their company at their own pace. It makes them nimble, resourceful, and efficient. It gives them a way to complete projects as needed. It lowers their overhead!

Whether you’re a fellow Revit user that wants to be listed on or an employer needing help on that big next project, we can help you!

Taking your AEC company to the cloud!

Our BIM/VDC consultants in North America can help your business make a case for emerging workplace strategies such as multi-user cloud-based modeling and world-class BIM interoperability.

Set up your new cloud-based workplace now! Feel free to Contact us today!